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This is the website relating to the VbE Impact Survey. Details about the survey are provided below.

Details about Values-based Education (VbE) are available from www.valuesbasededucation.com

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What is the VbE Impact Survey?

The VbE Impact Survey comprises four separate surveys that help schools assess the impact of their work with values. There is a separate survey for: students, teaching staff, support staff/governors, and parents.

Each survey has between 15-25 questions that gather information about five domains: Attainment, Behaviour, Environment, Relationships, Wellbeing.

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How is the VbE Impact Survey useful?

Reports are available for each survey, summarising the experience of students, staff and parents. VbE schools would expect a higher score that non VbE schools in each domain. Where a score falls below a "normal" level, 50% for non VbE schools and 80% for VbE schools, it alerts the school to potential issues that it may want to address.

Reports are available by domain, gender and school year. This helps to raise awareness of schools to the pattern of values outcomes in different areas of the school's activities. Comparison of results between students, staff and parents can also reveal a potential disconnect between awareness and reality.

The VbE Survey is available for a distinct school year. It allows schools to carry out surveys for a single school year, and compare the results with future or past years. This allows schools to evaluate the progress they are making during their values journeys. Once we have established as sufficient base, it will also allow schools to benchmark their results against other schools.

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How do school's subscribe?

The VbE survey is free to members, and charged to other schools for each school year. Members should put through an order, but note their membership in the "Comments" box towards the bottom of the page. The members discount will be applied once the order has been placed.

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How do subscribers take the survey?

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